• This light mint-flavored herbal blend will calm your nerves as you wind your way up Trail Ridge Road.  Enjoy it any time you have stress or anxiety...or just need to lift your spirits!
  • Stanley Steamer Tea

    Stanley Steamer Tea is a blend of herbs with a gentle complexity and a smooth finish.  The herbs are calming and help with digestion.  Enjoy steamin' a cup of this delightful tea blend and savor every sip!
  • Romance in the Rockies

    This flavorful herbal tea blend was inspired by Isabella Bird & Rocky Mountain Jim's romance in 1873.  Jim was the guide that helped Isabella climb to the top of Longs Peak.  Isabella wrote in a letter about Jim: "a man any woman might love but no sane woman would marry"
  • Mountain High Chai

    Imagine drinking this warm, spicy, aromatic tea while gazing upon your favorite mountain or sitting on top...or enjoying your memories of RMNP.  No caffeine, no sugar to make you feel guilty for drinking chai tea...just the pleasure of it's flavor.  Add milk or a milk substitute for a chai latte.
  • Sip this lovely sweet-mint herbal brew as you contemplate the beauty at The Chapel on the Rock at St. Malo Retreat Center.  It will strengthen faith and compassion.  Or drink it to help you go mindfully up to Meeker's summit to maintain mental alertness and adjust to the altitude.
  • Longs Peak Steep

    Longs Peak Steep is a delightful tasting tea which will give you the "vim vigor and vitality" to get to the top of Longs Peak"...or just enjoy its flavor and the energy it will give you while "drinking" in the majesty of this favorite mountain of RMNP
  • This light mint-flavored herbal tea was inspired by Joel & Patsey Estes who were the first permanent settlers in this valley and what is now named after them by William Byers, a man who felt kindness by them after attempting to climb Longs Peak.  In 18866, they moved away.  Patsey later described their time in Estes Park "was like living on the front doorstep of heaven".
  • This flavorful herbal tea blend was inspired by ENos Mills who was responsible for the founding of RMNP. A quote from him: "The forests are the flags of nature. They appeal to all and awaken inspiring universal feelings. Enter the forest and the boundaries of nations are forgotten. It may be that some time an immortal pine will be the flag of a united and peaceful world."
  • Dream Lake Sleepy Tea

    Let this gentle mint tea take ou into a tranquil state where Dream Lake memories tak you into a place of magic and delight while you sleep...and awaken refreshed to create new ones!
  • This combination of herbs are high in minerals and provides nutrients that will bring a "spring to your step" as you go boulder hopping or just enjoy the trails of RMNP. The hops are anti-inflammatory, help decrease anxiety, and have flavonoids that decrease the free radical damage. After you hike, add a splash of scotch for a "Hop Scotch"!
  • Boo-Boo Bear Lake Brew

    Boo Boo bear wants you to drink this digestive tea while walking around Bear Lake or just sitting and taking in the view. The herbs support your immune system, elevates your mood, helps manage stress and satisfies the desire for sweetness without calories. If you don't want it, he'll be happy to drink it for you.
  • Aspen Glow Herbal Tea

    Sip in the glow of the amazing flavors of mint-ginger that will soothe the spirit and help with digesting food...and the beauty of the Aspen Glow.

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